Search Engine Optimization (SEO) directly affects your business’ bottom line. It is purely to increase traffic to your site and improve your ranking on various search engines. SEO greatly affects many aspects of your business. One of the important aspects of SEO is to make your site easy to understand for both visitors and search engine robots. If, it is done in the right manner, it can become an integral part of your daily business dealing.

Businesses need to focus on important SEO strategies that will help you grow your business and ultimately enhance your bottom line. SEO company in Dubai designs and develops best strategies to improve your SEO efforts and consequently to increase your business growth. Here are Six SEO strategies for remarkable business growth.

1. Optimize your site for mobile traffic!

These days, site optimization for mobile is no longer optional. It has become imperative to optimize your site for mobile devices as smartphones and other mobile devices like tablets are replacing desktops. Mobile devices have become the customers’ preferred means of browsing the web. On the leading search engines such as Google, almost 50% of all traffic draws from mobile devices. To ensure that these people have a better search experience, Google picks-up mobile-friendly, highly functional and responsive websites and show them as search results. By optimizing your site for mobile devices, you will be encouraging Google to direct the quality mobile traffic to your site. A responsive design, mobile-friendly content and devoted SEO for mobile devices are the three key ingredients of mobile optimization that businesses should focus on. Also, you can check the results of your mobile optimization efforts by using Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test.

2. Optimize for search goals!

According to Hummingbird’ recent update, Google has modified the way queries are resolved. The search engine now pays attention on the logics of queries and not only the keywords, when showing results. And this is why; optimizing your site for search goal is an amazing SEO strategy that will boost up your business growth. Keywords are still important. However, as Google lists more idea-based results and doesn’t display the results exactly matching with keyword anymore, your SEO tactic should greatly emphasize on optimizing content and not only the keywords. Try to use of long-tailed keywords as well as keyword synonyms to optimize keywords.

3. Use Social Media to optimize your site!

Social media is quite popular these days. It is not only used for entertainment purpose but also for marketing business. Businesses should use it to share content about their products and services which will help them to become popular. Social media networks are now used for marketing, better customer service and online visibility as Google and other top search engines have involved social signs in their search algorithms. Aside from posting informative or entertaining content frequently on the leading social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+, post business blogs as well.


4. Optimize for Search Engines like Yahoo, Bing etc.!

Google is the popular search giant and thus, you focus your SEO efforts solely on it, although it is incorrect. This is the time to adopt a fresh strategy. Firefox has made Yahoo its default search engine, ending its long-tern (10-year) partnership with Google. Yahoo is also looking for the default status with another popular browser “Safari” as Google’s agreement with this browser will expire soon in this year. DuckDuckGo and Bing are other leading competitors which can give Yahoo and Google tough competition for their search marketplace share. Considering all these points, it’s vital not to forget to optimize your site for them as well.

5. Earned links are more beneficial than built links

Link building is considered as a significant part of SEO. But, recently, they have been swapped by link earning, the process of getting references from trustworthy sites in the industry. A smaller number of earned links can improve your search rank as well as website traffic much, much more as compared to a huge number of poor-quality links built by poor quality or different websites.

6. Continue with your blogging and content generation

Along with other SEO ways, you should also continue with which is in fact one of the top ways to enhance SEO. This is because every time when you post new blog or article, you get a new opportunity to be ranked by Google. It is more important to create fresh, informative, compelling, relevant and creative content that audience is looking for. SEO Company in Dubai believes that it really help in understanding your targeted audience and developing amazing content that aids answer their unique queries. Develop high-quality, relevant and engaging content and publish it on reliable third-party websites and blogs. And remove broken or poor-quality inward links from your website to avoid penalization by Google.