NRS Infoways develops database solutions for our clients on universal compatible platforms, including MySql , Oracle, XML, SQL Server and others. We help you find smarter ways to access that data, translate it into information, and share it with your customer.

Every enterprise has a need to leverage its knowledge and experience to make better business decisions. Any company’s knowledge and data store is one of its most valuable assets. We perform database structure design, implement data migration/validation, assess overall data quality, and build customize database rules that match your business requirements and rules.

NRS Infoways engineers can develop a database or data warehousing solutions that help you organize, extract, and communicate certain data sets to represent any part of your business. This work frequently includes integration of a database or data warehousing system to a software application. NRS Infoways has extensive experience in developing and implementing multi-user Windows- and UNIX-based applications with database back-ends.

We excel in providing:

  • Database designs that act as efficient and comprehensive links between data sets.
  • Procurement and installation of networking and data processing technology that is “best-of-breed”, standards-based, interoperable, scalable, and flexible
  • Database Administration and Management services to maintain integrity, security, performance, and reliability.
  • Easy-to-use graphical interfaces to help you organize your efforts and perform sophisticated searches.
  • Data warehouses to store your knowledge data marts and discover data relationships that make up your business.
  • Data mining techniques to search and collate data into useful information on which to draw conclusions.