In the last couple of years, the software development industry has actually blown up. In current business environment of growing globalization, increasing number of companies are practicing offshore outsourcing as a part of their effective business strategy. For many years now, organizations are outsourcing specific aspects of their overall tasks to more cost-effective countries of the world so that they can successfully focus on their core specializations and competencies. The onset of technology has made software outsourcing accessible to businesses across all industries. Software development is a complex and time consuming task; only talented and skilled professionals can fulfill this task with proficiency.

Labor cost is considered as the primary cause for outsourcing software companies in Dubai. If you can get the same product or same services elsewhere in the same or less price, many business holders think it does not make sense to pay more for local firms. If you are thinking about working with a software development firm to establish a certain software or system, you should go for partnering with an off-shore development firm that can deliver a much better value for your business than hiring the full fledged in-house team. Many business owners admire the merits of outsourcing development project overseas, while others are paying more for same work.


Outsourcing software development to overseas companies has become the current IT trend which has emerged, developed, and outgrowing to its full potential. There are lots of reason to choose outsource software development project to off-shore companies.

Have a look on most critical reasons for this-

1) No training required

A professional, experienced and expert product development firm understands each and every aspect of software development project. If you hire an in-house team to develop product, you need to spend money to train them which means increase in your cost. In contrast, if you go for outsourcing your project to professional, knowledgeable and technically skilled overseas companies, you can save your training cost as their teams are already trained.

2) High Degree of Professionalism

The business attitude of software companies in Dubai is unmatched. Their professional approach, advanced infrastructure and dedication to provide the quality product to their clients to meet their special requirements make them the preferred outsourcing destinations among businesses from all across the globe.

3)Reduced risk

It has been estimated that more than 80% of software projects fail because of the fact that they are delayed, over budget, missing function, or a blend of all. Several software projects are normally underrate and actually contain hidden threats as the inexperienced and unprofessional developers use unproven or untested technology. A specialist, proficient and certified offshore development company has a proven track record of delivering projects on time, on-budget, clearly eliminating your risk and removing uncertainty.

4)Increased transparency

When you are hiring developers for in-house, you have to go through a long process of job interview, salary package etc. that means you will be involved too much and as a result you will not be able to focus on your major activities. When partnering with an experienced and professional software companies in Dubai, you will be provided with project progress report from time to time. They do not hide anything form you which improves transparency between two parties. Non-professional companies don’t last long in market.

5) Art of technology:

Information Technology revolution has created world class and highly skilled professionals who can cope with the most sophisticated technologies when it comes to software application development. Ranging from web based applications to desktop based applications to mobile application; off-shore companies produce some of the highly advanced, feature rich and effective applications that are suitable for clients from different industries and professions.

6) Reliability and Price:

Price remains one of the major concerns while hiring the services of software development companies. Professional and reliable product development company ensures that the pricing remains in your reach and you will get timely delivery of quality products and services in terms of sophisticated applications and software. Due to the offered range of excellent benefits of outsourcing software development to Dubai firms, it makes strategic and economic sense to develop association with the right agency that can truly be your business supporter for longer time.

7) Improved process

Software developers in professional firms create software every day, and they have invested heavily in advanced infrastructure and cutting edge technologies to quickly accelerate the process of application development. They solve all types of problems efficiently they actually deal with during development procedure from error correction to crash reporting, to complicated analytics, to implementation spaces in the software heap. Partnering with them means getting access to all the innovative technology they presently using that can make better every step of your product development.