software-development-life-cycleIn today’s modern world, offshore software development has become the latest trend. Most of businesses believe that without offshore or outsourcing software development, it is impossible to think about their success. Both of these options have continued to deliver positive results for the software companies as well as for clients who opt for these options.

Many people may think that offshore and outsource development are same. Well, when it comes to offering software services, the two are related to each other. Offshore software development services are offered by the companies which are located in different countries whereas outsourcing software providers offer the same services but located in the same country, region or city of the seeking companies. Companies delivering software development in Dubai are interested in providing their services to offshore clients.

Offshore software development not only a cost-effective option but also helps you improve your operational excellence and reduce overhead expenses. Outsourcing enables businesses to allocate their resources on major business functions in their company, delegating all IT or other related tasks to offshore software development partners. Selecting the right outsourcing partner is not an easy task. No doubt, they will aid businesses to grow faster but, first you must develop your strategy and determine what responsibilities of your company you want to outsource.

In essence, offshore development is good choice to initiate a better business process. Here are important tips that will help you to pick best software development company for your business.

Experience in the same industry as your business!

When looking for an offshore software development firm for your business, pay attention to their experience in the same industry. Also, check if they have done any project in the same region or area. The vendors of software development in Dubai are aware of the latest business trends and market challenges you may face which will help them to come up with a right solution for your business. Moreover, the firms who are experienced in your geographical area are already familiar with the work ethics and business culture of your country. It will also make great equation to do business together on day to day bases.

Project management methodologies!

In order to ensure effective association between the development team and client, software development agencies should follow a defined project management methodology such as Agile or Waterfall. It will help the customers to get involved in the development process and effectively track the progress of the project.

Communication is the important!

When it comes to choosing an outsourced company for software development in Dubai, communication is the vital element. You will be working with professionals who operate in different time zones than you do. They use technical language more often than business one. Considering these barriers, it is critical to make sure that quality of communication among both parties should be

Technical ability and expertise!

The software development partner will solve your IT problems, so it is highly important to get familiar with the technologies they use. See, if they have essential tools for completing your project. In addition, pay attention towards the technical ability of their team members. Knowing their domain expertise, help you transfer your business requirements into operating software that will be satisfying your customers’ needs. Of course, as a stakeholder you wish to have team members who are motivated to build your product. Thus, keep in mind to be open and share your business objectives with the developers so they can see your vision and be passionate in developing your product.

Business is about people!

Analyze the company for what kind of values do they share. Do they motivate and help their employees for personal growth & development? Look at the companies for their response to handle your queries. Integrity and honesty are the key values that you need to pay attention on when contracting a firm. Technical talent may give the best solutions to your business needs but lacks in human relation side may drag your company to trouble. Company websites can give you a picture about the culture inside the company, association established between the team members and happiness they share working in that firm.

References from previous customers!

Rarely, businesses which are going to hire a software development company ask about the completed projects by them. Thus, instead of trusting in the word of mouth, you should ask for references from the previous clients. These references help you learn how reliable and professional the company is, the business values they follow and the team ability to meet expected deadlines. It would be better to choose companies offering software development in Dubai as they deliver quality, timely and cost-effective software service. They have served numerous industries and have great number of satisfied customers.