software-development-dubaiMost of the organizations, when identify the need for new software, they often quickly purchase a “package” or “standard” software as a immediate way to resolve the problems and moving on. This approach sometimes works out but, in many cases this turns out to be expensive and ineffective because standard software simply can’t meet the needs of the business. Such businesses always end up in facing low productivity due to poor performance of software.

The inception of custom software development has imparted great value to the existing business types. Customized or tailor-made software has the capability to suit every requirement of the concerned company. Providers of custom software development in Dubai deliver cost-effective and fruitful solutions to organizations to enhance their productivity and ultimately, their ROI.

Modern businesses have realized the importance of bespoke software to boost their productivity and thus, they are investing in developing customized product to suit their exact needs. Benefits of choosing bespoke software over package software are enormous. Here, we are mentioning some key benefits of selecting custom software-

Only pay for what your business needs!

Why to go for expensive software that comes with extra features which you won’t ever use for your business? Custom software is aimed to cater to all of your businesses needs. You have to pay only for those features which are meant for your business.

Costs won’t increase as your business does!

Package software normally includes additional license fees. This means every time your business expands, there would be increase in cost to use software. Unlike package software, tailor-made software does not involve any additional license fees when your business grows. Thus, there are no unexpected expenses. Of course, you might need to modify your software as you grow, but you just need to pay the amount to developers for modifications in the software.

Personalized Customer Service!

An “out of the box” solution should be integrated with your current systems and business processes. This can be time consuming and most likely, you will have to go for third party support to guide you through these processes. When you hire custom software development agency, they have skills and ability to interface the software with your current applications. Thus, you will get a personalized customer services at reasonable price.

Software designed to fit your business requirement!

Standard software will never completely cater to your needs. It is designed by keeping the common needs of businesses in mind. Many times, you will either have to compromise with your business functions or modify the product which can be time-consuming and not possible every time. Bespoke software as it is built for your business will do exactly what you want it to without making any changes. Companies engaged in offering custom software development in Dubai understand your business needs and build the software to improve your efficiency.

No complaints with a technology vendor!

software-solutions-dubaiWhen you choose standard software, you are depending on the technology selection the vendor makes. For instance, it’s depends on the vendor to add features to the product but, these features might not always be used in your business operations. Moreover, the vendor may decide to discontinue the platform support you use to perform your business functions. Thus, there is risk of discontinued support. In contrast, bespoke or tailor-made software does not have these issues as it is crafted to fit your specific business requirements. This can be modified as your business expands and is developed by people that really understand you and your business.

An extension of your existing team at a lower cost!

Hiring a full time in-house software development team can be a costly affair. You need to go through the long process of interviewing and selecting right people. Anyone who is experienced can do it efficiently. Hiring development team or group offering custom software development in Dubai is like having several new employees with exactly the special expertise to get the job done. And, it would be only for a short period of time.

Get benefit in the long run!

However, the costs associated with choosing a custom application are higher than purchasing ready-made or package software, but the long term benefits of the hiring a custom application team are much greater and more valuable.

Reducing consultant costs!

When you purchase ready-made software, you will end up paying the money for high-end consultants to do the modifications for you. Opting for custom software could save you money by enabling you to choose a development team within your budget and suitable with your current technology.

Giving you ownership!

By choosing bespoke software you can have the rights to the software you have developed for your firm. Standard software is never truly your own. Its vendor’s responsibility to make improvements or changes, but with custom software, you can modify what you like and gain an edge over your rivals.