Web development defines the progression from the root level to the higher level research. The enhancement of indigenous technology in the development of website offers a wide spectrum and an enormous scope related to the IT sector.

The front end and back end are the features comprising of programming languages which help in the creation of a website. By merging more features through advancement in designing and development in the technical path can be redefined.

FRONT END:  It is the front part of a website that users interact with. When a user is navigating through the Internet they come in touch with the browser having fonts, subtle, drop-down menus all building up through a combination of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

A front end designer can create a site without any back end development and that would be called as a static site. The static site does not store any information in its database.


  • HTML – Web application build is translated to HTML. This language is used because this is understood by web browser so as to display information.
  • CSS – For the front end developers they should have knowledge about CSS. As HTML provides some basic style options, but CSS provides paint, templates, glitter, and many other things that are used to improve the presentation of a web page.
  • JavaScript-  This language runs on client machine it is used to make programming fast and intuitive. JavaScript is so popular language that builds up entire frameworks which are used for creating applications having front end. Frameworks comprising of Angular, Ember, React and Backbone.

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BACK END:  The backend consist of a server an application and a database. It maintains the technology that empowers the components interacting with the user side on the website. For back end developers dynamic site is developed. The dynamic site keeps on changing and updating in real time. The Facebook, Google maps, blogs all comprises of dynamic site. A blog constitute dynamic site as its information keeps on updating and changing. All information are stored in database like user profile, images etc.

Web developers dealing with dynamic site works with PHP and .Net as they store all information in database so to interact with database these languages should be known.


  • RUBY: Ruby on rails is one of the most popular web development tools for small business set ups. It is used to code business logic, calculate data and distribute servers.
  • Python: It is popular web development framework. It is a multiple programming paradigm include object oriented. Imperative and functional programming is used and has procedural styles.
  • SQL:  It interacts with the database which is a part of every backend web application. It is a special purpose programming language designed for managing data in relational database management system.

The building of a website requires the developer to know about front end and back end. The frontend interact with the website display page and is a static site that does not store any information in database. While backend dealt with the server and database thus comprising of dynamic site.

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